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Beech timber natural colour

Beechwood is a true all-rounder.

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Beech - Redheart
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Formation of redheart in the log
SCR - timber grade with high percentage of redheart - Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co.KG
Mr. Wittmann - Redhearted beech


A special property of beech is the tendency of older trees to develop what is known as „redheart“ in the log,
which distinguishes itself clearly from the white wood by a strong reddish-brown colouring. Generating redheart
is a natural process in living beech trees, in which, simply put, provisional substances are transformed into chromophoric ingredients. The pigmentation of the core is initiated by external factors. The most common causes are branches, that have broken off, and other injuries, which lead to oxygen entering the wood fibres (xylem).

The physical properties of the wood are not affected by the change in coloration. The quality of redhearted beechwood is the same as the one of light coloured beech and it is just as exceptionally well suited for furniture and all areas of interior fittings. The natural coloration of redhearted beech can be preserved in the long term by treating the surface with UV resistant agents.

By using redhearted beechwood therefore, the excellent physical properties of light beechwood can be combined with an extraordinarily decorative appearance. This special feature is increasingly used with great benefit by furniture designers and interior architects which has resulted in the continuosly growing popularity of redhearted beech.