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Bed "Zen-10" - Holzmanufaktur - A knockdown bed from solid wood whose name says it all: 'zen' means peace and clarity, the measure '10' signifies the width of the individual lamellas forming the corresponding sides of the bed. This picture shows a bed in redheart beech. It is available in various dimensions and wood species.
Bed - Signora BEATRICE BINI - Design with high flexibility and functionality; Available in different sizes and versions.
Bed "FLORA" - Mr. Herbert Sigl junior - New dimension of sleep of the highest standard. Redheart beech was used for the production of this bed.
Bed - Mr. Heino Huhn - Bed in Beechwood.
Sideboard: Solid redheart beech - Mr. Karl-Hermann Reinhardt - Contemporary, unadorned sideboard produced in solid beech with lively redheart. Doors are locked with a special lock using turning rods.
Media furniture for saveaholics of space - Mr. Martin Prott - This media console is made up of two parts. A white corpus from finished MDF complete with drawer and lid and a U-shaped frame made from solid redheart beech.
Extending table [ push : pull ] - Mr. Christian Felsch von Wild - The extending table [ push : pull ] is continuously variable in lengths from 80 cm to 160 cm due to its innovative construction.
Rectangular Round Table - Mr. Martin Prott - Table and benches from redheart beech in a plain design. Surface finished in oil.
Dining set "SP" redheart beech - Mr. Hans-Joachim Sieg - A good table keeps the family together.
Table and armchair, redheart beech - Mr. Wolfgang Wittmann - Dining table and chairs from solid redhearted beech. The lively grain texture of the core beechwood fits as well in modern rooms as in country style homes.
Table redheart beech - Mr. Wolfgang Wittmann - Table from solid redheart beech. Lively pattern by using the redhearted core.
Table from solid beechwood - Mr. Georg Klinkenberg - Table from solid beechwood with oiled surface.
Table and bench "zen-10" - Holzmanufaktur - Table from solid wood with matching bench, whose name says it all: 'zen' means peace and clarity, the measure '10' signifies the width of the individual lamellas forming the table top and side walls. This method results in consistently stripy optics interrupted by the visible mortise and tenon joints.
"German Room" (UN) - Martin Prott - The new interior fitting of the conference room of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) of the United Nations (UN) in Rome is dominated by the applicaton of redheart beech. The wood with its expressive pattern is used for the flooring, the walls and the tabletops. The flooring sports a smooth transition into becoming the wall on one end. The double tabletops are made from redheart beech.
Kitchen - Mr. Matthias Sendlhofer - Combination of kitchen and dining corner in fully solid wild beech.
Providence Medical Center, North Pavilion, Portland, Oregon - 9Wood, Inc. - European beech linear, wood panelled ceiling. Designing architects: Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca.
Conference room - Low Country Case & Millwork, Inc. - Radial and architecturally stylish wall panelling and conference table in beech veneer.
Board game Citadella - Mr. Ludwig Gerhards - Lovely designed strategy game for 2 players made from solid beechwood, oiled, and maple.
Doll's chair and table - Mr. Norbert Verneuer - Doll's chair and table are made from oiled beechwood.
Board game "nine men's morris" - Mr. Ludwig Gerhards - The classic game on a board with rounded edges. The exceptional shape makes the design become tangible.
"Briefcase" - Mr. Erik J├Ąger - The briefcase made from sturdy beechwood is lined inside with finest split leather. The extravagant look of the briefcase is due to the unique corrugated optics.
Music stand "Stativ-ari" - Mr. Christian Felsch von Wild - With its curved forms, the music stand "Stativ-ari" reminds of string instruments and a concert piano while offering even professional musicians enough space for comprehensive sheet music and working material.
Sledge - Mr. Wolfgang Sirch - Foldable tobbogan from beech. Easily stowed away sledge model with skids made from glue-laminated beechwood.
Pool table - Neumann carpentry - Pool 9 Pool table from redheart beech, oiled, with blue fabric. There are no standard bags for the balls but drawers lined with cork. Fronts of drawers made from walnut. Drawers open by pressing on front.