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Winner of a near natural forestry.

Wood as commodity

Where can wood actually be found?


Proof of origin PEFC and FSC?

European Beech

A very unique hardwood.


The eco-balance of a raw material!

- What does using wood have to do with climate
- Active climate protection by storing CO2.
- Passive protection of the climate by saving energy.


Wood - The eco-balance of a raw material!

Active climate protection by storing CO2.

Every tree in the forest produces wood in the course of its lifetime. Apart from sunlight and the nutrients of the soil dissolved in water, it needs for that purpose above all carbon dioxide, CO2. Carbon dioxide, commonly known as a greenhouse gas, is largely responsible for climate change. While growing, trees are constantly extracting large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it as carbon in the wood. Additionally, oxygen is produced along the way, which is all-important for animal and human life.

When using wood from sustainable forestry, which is mandatory according to German Federal Forest law (Bundeswaldgesetz), the greenhouse gas CO2 is stored in wooden products, while new trees can grow back
on the same forest area. This is an important contribution to active climate protection.

Passive climate protection by means of saving energy

When producing construction wood or wood as raw material, only a fraction of the energy is needed compared to the production of steel, aluminum, concrete or plastics and thus, considerably less CO2 is discharged in the process. In addition to its property as an “active” storage of CO2, wood is therefore also a “passive climate protector” by saving valuable energy resources and ecologically far superior to the competing materials.

Wood does not have a recycling problem

Even the best product will eventually reach the end of its lifespan, and even then, wooden products are especially environment-friendly. Whereas products made from fossile commodities end up as an ecological problem when time comes for their disposal, wooden products can be used in a CO2-balanced way for ex. as heating material.