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European beech trees will reach at an age of 120 years a height of 25 to 30 meters. The treetop of younger trees is slim, that of older trees rather broad and dome-shaped.
Standing in a forest, the bole is straight and without branches up until great heights.
The bark remains thin, smooth and a silvery grey even until old age of the tree.
The shape of the leaves ranges from elliptical to a broad oval and at the bottom, they are attenuated or rounded off.
The fruit is also known as beechnut and are found two at a time sitting on an infructescence resulting in the triangular shape.
Beech is the most widely spread hardwood species in Europe. The total area of its proliferation extends from about the 40. to the 60. degree of Northern latitude and includes large areas of Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.
Beech is one of the species where the formation of colour in the core of the boles is optional. Thus, sapwood and heartwood either have a uniform pale yellow colour or ...
... an irregular, reddish brown core has developed, the so called redheart. Sapwood, that is the area without redheart, is generally very wide, because the formation of redheart usually only starts in trees of 80 years and older. It really is a normal symptom of old age, which aggravates at an age of between 100 and 130 years.
Because of its particularly decorative appearance, beechwood with redheart is meanwhile very much in demand for the production of furniture.
With about 250 known areas of application, beech has become during the last ...
... decades the most versatile and most widely used wood species among timbers. It is, however, only of limited use on the outside due to its lower natural durability in weather conditions. Main areas of application for beech are furniture, solid wood and multi-layer flooring as well as interior fitting.