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Comparison of prices

with other wood species

Beech comparison

German beech vs. North American forest species.

Availability of European Beech

Beech is one of the most widespread hardwood species in the world.



Germany is located right in the middle of the beech forest area, which is largely confined to Europe. About 57% of the German hardwood forests are currently dominated by beech trees. This corresponds to an area of 1,89 million hectares. Over the past years, the beech forest area has increased by 150.000 hectares. Due to the largely near-natural forest management, German beech forests have emerged to be the prime example of sustainable and multifunctional forestry. Beech forests stand by as a space for recreation and serve as habitat for plants and animals. At the same time, high quality beech timber is produced. According to the result of the second „Bundeswaldinventur“ (federal forest inventory), the total growing stock of beechwood in Germany as of 1. of Oct. 2002 amounted to about 583 million cubic meters. Between 1987 and 2002, beechwood stock in Germany has increased by 25,8%, because the use of beech was far lower than its regrowth. Every year, about 10 million cubic meters of beech logs are cut down in Germany.

Source: Brochure "Buchenwälder" (Beech Forests), „Deutscher Forstwirtschaftsrat“
(DFWR - German Forestry Council)

Therefore, beech is one of the most common wood species from sustainable forestry in the world.

Because of its excellent availability, high quality beech timber can be readily obtained at moderate prices.
Just one more reason to make use of this first class hardwood.